December News


Sunday School Classes for December

December 5th Group Sunday School – in the gym

December12th Regular Sunday School


December 19th  Christmas pageant after Liturgy.  All Sunday School students need to report to Lower Level to get into costume as soon as they arrive to church.  Teachers will make sure students who are to take communion on the 19th are taken up to church for communion.

December 26th to January 2nd Christmas break.  Sunday School resumes on January 9th 2022

On Sunday, December 5th we will have our St. Nicholas-St. Basil Group Sunday School. This is also Stewardship Sunday! Our theme will be stewardship.  Since the lower level will be set up for the Stewardship Breakfast, Sunday School classes will be meeting in the gym. Each class will have a stewardship lesson geared to their age group. Once we have completed the lesson, we will have our students join their parents for the Stewardship breakfast.  Father David will be conducting the sermon that day after liturgy to give us sufficient time to have our stewardship class.

Calling all innkeepers, shepherds and angels! Since mid-November we have been working on our Christmas Play Cast List for our pageant that is scheduled after liturgy on Sunday, December 19th. Dress rehearsal for main roles is scheduled for Saturday, December 18th from Noon to up to 3:00 pm that day. I will keep you updated on our progress in putting together this event.

We are still looking for members of our community to consider joining our Sunday School Teacher Team. As mentioned, we would like to have 3 to 4 people per team, per grade, to enable teachers to commit to at least one Sunday a month to teach. Also looking for people willing to be substitute teachers.

Wishing you a joyous Christmas Holiday and a Happy New Year.


Yours in Christ,

Liz Steinberg

Sunday School Principal