Chapter 37 ~ Syracuse, New York



Dear AHEPANS and Parishioners,


We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. A Very Merry Christmas to you and your families.

Our next meeting will take place on Saturday 2:00 pm December 18th.

We hope you have enjoyed the monthly articles placed in the NEPSIS for the past eleven months by the Hellenic Bicentennial Committee of our parish, spearheaded by our AHEPA Syracuse Chapter 37, on the Greek Revolution of 1821 for Greek Independence Day. We thank Dr. James Telonis for his work on those monthly articles and for having accepted the position as the Director of Hellenism of our AHEPA Chapter. He is truly “AXIOS”. At our one-on-one meeting recently, we decided to focus, during the month of the December NEPSIS, on the ecclesiastical part and our tradition to Christmas instead of the Greek Revolution.

This coming year (2022), the AHEPA organization will celebrate it’s 100-year existence and we will be bringing you monthly bits of how our organization came to be, what has been accomplished and what it stands for. Our meetings will be a variety or combination of in person at our church and/or virtual at zoom, as we have to be resilient and focus on the safety and well being of our members. We encourage everyone to always carry a face mask so if need arises to use it when the moment requires.

If you are available, we hope to have you with us on December 18th.


Stay safe, everyone is needed for a better community.

Mike Labatos, President

AHEPA Syracuse Chapter 37                                                                                     


Honor the Veterans Event 2021

Photos and Article
from the
National Herald

SYRACUSE, NY – Syracuse AHEPA Chapter 37 held its 4th Annual Veterans Event on October 16 at St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church. It was well-attended by AHEPA chapter members, family, and friends. Also, in attendance were AHEPA District 6 Governor Dean Moskos and his wife Stephanie Moskos, AHEPA D6 Lt. Governor Chris Pappis, Daughters of Penelope (DOP) D6 Governor Maria Patelos, DOP D6 Lt. Governor Eleni Damaskos-Christou, DOP D6 Secretary Marina Patelos, and William McKinley Chapter 91 President Steve Eoannou from Buffalo, NY....Read More


Greek Independence Day
at Syracuse City Hall



  Ζήτω η Ελλάδα!
200 Year Bicentennial of Greek Independence 1821-2021

What a wonderful event on such a spectacular sunny day. Many thanks to the City of Syracuse and Mayor Ben Walsh for their support of the Greek community! View more photos and a video of the presentation on our Facebook page.