Chapter 37 ~ Syracuse, New York


Dear AHEPA Family and Parishioners,


I hope you had a happy and safe summer. As Fall is here the activities of our church and our AHEPA Chapter are increasing. We would like to get back to physical meetings again but we monitor the CDC guidelines on a daily bases to keep our AHEPA family safe.

Our next chapter meeting is 2:00 pm Sunday, September 18th at the church. A special award event will take place 2:00 pm Saturday, October 30th and we will keep you posted.

Our chapter meetings will be in person, virtual or hybrid (a combination of both) as the covid guidelines dictate, so please read carefully all the announcements of our chapter. Properly worn masks are required for all our in-person meetings.

I have attended all of District 6 virtual and/or personal monthly meetings and Brother Andrew Miledonis has attended several virtual meetings as well.

Our calendar year, June 2020 – June 2021, was rewarding for our chapter. Brothers Spiros Lostaros, Anthony Labatos, Andrew Miledonis - our treasurer and yours truly attended the AHEPA District 6 (N.Y. State) Convention and cast our votes representing our AHEPA Chapter 37. At the convention, Past Governor Lou Katsos placed my name in nomination for an officer of the district and I was voted in as the new Warden for 2021-2022.  As the rule calls, a District 6 Officer can only occupy one district position (does not apply to local chapters), I vacated my position as Director of Veterans Affairs which I was appointed to three years ago.  When our new Governor Dean Moskos asked me to give him a recommendation of whom I thought would be good for our district to fill my vacated position, I could not think of a better person than Brother Theodore (Ted) Limpert as our D6 Director of Veterans Affairs.

Congratulations to our Brother Ted Limpert. Our accomplishments of the district positions we hold, the increase of our membership and the programs we have done in the past and during the covid restrictions were made possible by each one of you and I thank you for the honor to represent you and for your trust in me. This is not about me or one of us, but rather a teamwork of our chapter continuing to improve our community through Charity, Scholarships, and promoting the ideals of Hellenism.


Sincerely and fraternally,


Mike Labatos, President

AHEPA Syracuse Chapter 37                                                                                     




Greek Independence Day
at Syracuse City Hall



  Ζήτω η Ελλάδα!
200 Year Bicentennial of Greek Independence 1821-2021

What a wonderful event on such a spectacular sunny day. Many thanks to the City of Syracuse and Mayor Ben Walsh for their support of the Greek community! View more photos and a video of the presentation on our Facebook page.